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Anniversary Gifts

Traditionally, if a married couple lived to celebrate the twenty fifth anniversary of their wedding, the wife was presented with a silver wreath, as congratulations for the good fortune that had prolonged the lives of the couple for so many years and in recognition of them enjoying a harmonious relationship. On celebration of the fiftieth the wife received a wreath of gold. These anniversaries were known as the silver wedding-day and the golden wedding-day. Over time the number of symbols expanded and tradition came to assign gifts that had connections with each stage of married life... whilst there is no one universally accepted list this is a common assignment

1st Pearl 11th Garnet 25th Silver
2nd Coral 12th Citrine
30th Diamond
3rd Turquoise 13th Lapis 35th Pearl
4th Amber 14th Opal 40th Ruby
5th Diamond 15th Diamond 45th Sapphire
6th Sapphire 16th Jade 50th Gold
7th Aquamarine 17th Emerald 55th Emerald
8th Amethyst 18th Malachite 60th Diamond
9th Tourmaline 19th Beryl  
10th Diamond 20th Diamond