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From the time gemstones were discovered, they were believed to have mystical powers and attributes that could be passed to the wearer. The red or ruby was fiery and passionate; cool blue sapphire was calm and composed. About 2,000 years ago, writers began pairing each of the stones and their attributes with the months of the year and the signs of the Zodiac, and with time, the mythology of birthstones evolved. People were expected to share the attributes of the stone related to their sign of the Zodiac or month of birth. Hoskings adopt the most popular standards...
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January Garnet faith, eternity and truth
February Amethyst luck, charm and health
March Aquamarine happiness and understanding
April Diamond token of eternity, symbolises courage and health
May Emerald fidelity, goodness and love
June Pearl peace, nobility and beauty
July Ruby love, enthusiasm and strength
August Peridot success, peace and love
September Sapphire serenity and health
October Opal purity, hope and health
November Topaz wisdom, sincerity and courage
December Turquoise love, happiness and luck